An obsession
with better

From rawhide to raw emotion.

When Arthur Muirhead founded us in 1905 he had a vision in mind: to craft the finest leathers in the world. Our philosophy remains the same today as it did then, over a century later.

To bring luxury, comfort and durability to every journey. To work with the best people. To build lasting relationships - and to remain family-owned. At Bridge of Weir Leather, we forge our own path, we stay true to our values, and continue to do things the right way.


Made in Scotland.
Experienced all over the world.

Based in Scotland, we’re the UK’s sole manufacturer of automotive leather and have been a major exporter for over 70 years. We ship 90% of our leather to more than 30 countries, and can support our customers wherever they are in the world - with local teams and leather experts in the UK, Germany, USA and China.

We have long established relationships with partners who match our exact finishing and cutting standards, and have successful strategic partnerships in place in Mexico and China to support overseas clients.

Leather being stress tested

Superior standards, from sourcing to supply.

We believe you should know where your leather comes from, so we ensure our hides come from suppliers who share our values and meet the highest standards of animal husbandry and welfare.

We’re committed to quality standards because our customers expect, and deserve the best. It’s our passion and our way of life.

Bridge of Weir leather is tried and tested to extremes. It’s why our name is synonymous with refinement, durability, and high performance.

Assessing all our leather by eye, Bridge of Weir quality engineers ensure the highest standards across the entire supply chain, from sourcing and manufacturing to the finished product. We have the following accreditations: -

  • ISO 9001, Quality Management System 
  • ISO 14001, Environmental Management System 
  • ISO 50001, Energy Management Systems 
  • IATF 16949, Automotive Quality Management System 
  • ISO 45001, Occupational Health & Safety Management System


Waterproof leather

Built on innovation.

We’re led by innovation. It’s in our DNA. As well as developing leather to meet automotive specifications, we continuously find new and pioneering techniques that transform the leather industry, and move our low carbon leathers up another gear.

From alternative tanning methods, to cleaner and more environmentally friendly processing. From lightweight leathers to advances in anti-soiling and dye ingress technology, we never stop.

We use generations of expertise and invest in the latest technology to look at all the moving parts of our business. Perform better. Learn from the past. Change the future.


A team committed to quality.

Our people make us who we are. Passionate, expert, and driven to do better, we’re family owned and it shows. We’re generations of leather makers attuned to our craft.

And we’re here to bring up generations more, through a dedicated SLG Academy that looks after people’s lifelong learning. So we can inspire new talent to join the industry, and help to launch - and nurture - the careers of hundreds more.

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