Blue and Tan Leather with Moss and Stone


The natural choice for automotive interiors

Lowering environmental impact with no compromise

At Bridge of Weir, we are committed to delivering environmentally sustainable leather solutions without greenwashing.

Intensively developed over a number of years, BioTAN® and FreeTAN® offer an increased bio-content and remove fossil fuel, oil-derived components, and heavy metals from the processes and products.

BioTAN® is a hybrid technology that incrementally increases the bio-content within the chrome-free leather process, resulting in finished products without compromising on performance. By progressively replacing traditional components with bio-based materials, BioTAN® achieves a balance between environmental sustainability, performance and quality.

FreeTAN® offers a full replacement of existing tanning chemistry with compostable technology. Completely chrome-free, heavy metal-free, and aldehyde-free with biodegradability properties, FreeTAN® sets new environmental sustainability standards while delivering finished leather products with exceptional performance.

BioTAN and FreeTAN Logos

Introducing BioTAN® and FreeTAN®.

Listen to our experts discuss the evolution of leather, the importance of embracing innovation and what BioTAN® and FreeTAN® mean to our environmental sustainability journey.

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